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Mens Mattifying Powder - Hair Growth

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Hair Growth Powder - Hair Building Fibers

When using, it is only necessary to sprinkle the hair-increasing fiber in the thinning part of the hair, and gently comb the hair to complete the whole process of “hair” in 30 seconds.

The hair-increasing fiber produces an electrostatic effect after being sprinkled and combed, and is quickly entangled in the hair, and the hair that grows again grows, making the hair thick and rich, and the overall feeling is natural and flawless, even if it is close to the eye, it is not easy to find it.

Subtle effects make you feel at ease.

Once the hair-increasing fiber is used, it can not be easily detached by gently dialing, combing the hair or even blowing the wind.

Even if it is sweating, it will not be affected, but it can be thoroughly washed with shampoo.

If the clothes are stained with fiber, just remove them with a light hand and never smudge the collar pants, so that you can feel the charm without any worries.


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