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Airbuds inside Smartwatch

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Product Parameters



1. Basic functions

·Ai Smart, iPhone Siri

·TWS stereo headphones, single or two simultaneous use

·Heart rate test

·Blood pressure test

·Step counting, mileage, consumption

·Sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, lifting wrist screen

·WeChat, SMS push

·Shake a picture


2. Software download

A: iPhone to Apple AppStore store to search for "AMKang" software and download.

B: Android downloads the "AMKang" software by QR code recognition.


3.BLE connection device and pairing

1) BLE connection: Search for the device model and connect in the Settings > Device interface of the APP. After the connection is successful, the device model AMKang will be displayed under the My Device of the APP, and the upper left corner of the time interface on the device can be seen. Bluetooth successfully connected the symbol. If you do not see the symbol indicating that the connection is unsuccessful, please re-operate. The time is automatically synchronized when the connection is successful.

2) After the first connection is successful, the device will be automatically connected after the device is turned off and the signal range is turned off and then returned to the host.

3) APP connects to the second or third device..... device, please unbind the app first, and then connect the device.

Note: The connection of the device cannot be connected under the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. You must connect to the device before you can use it in the app.


4. Connection and matching considerations

1) Make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on;

2) Make sure that the equipment is fully charged, please turn it on or charge before use;

3) Make sure the device is within 50cm of the phone when pairing the connection;

4) If the Android phone does not find the device in the mobile app, please check whether the "AMKang" is allowed to use Bluetooth in the phone permission setting;

5) When pairing the headphones, make sure that the headphones are taken out from the wristband host; if no Bluetooth is found, put the headphones into the wristband and take them out.

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