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Animal Paw Socks

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Cat size 35cm
Cat size 20cm
Dog size 35cm
Dog size 20cm
Elephant size 35cm
Elephant size 20cm
Tiger size 35cm
Tiger size 20cm
Horse size 35cm
Horse size 20cm
Eagle size 35cm
Eagle size 20cm
Pig size 35cm
Pig size 20cm
Donkey size 35cm
Donkey size 20cm
Zebra size 35cm
Zebra size 20cm
Dinosaur size 35cm
Dinosaur size 20cm
Cheetah size 35cm
Cheetah size 20cm
Flowercat size 35cm
Flowercat size 20cm
Polarbear size 35cm
Polarbear size 20cm

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Unleash your inner animal with these awesome Animal Paw Socks.

Ever wondered how it feels to walk in an animal's paws? Take a walk on the wild side and experience life as a Tiger, Cat or Dog.

These socks are also the perfect finishing touch for any animal costume.

They make a great gift for an animal lover or go and buy them for yourself to brighten up your day :)

These are Unisex one size fits all socks, up to a size 11.

Soft and very comfortable, the socks are made from an easy wearing polyester fabric with the amount of stretch you want. Best of all they are machine washable.


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